A Healthier Approach, A Community Approach

Photo of hands holding soil

Johnny D’s was a founding member of Somerville Local First, GoGreen Davis Square (see the Boston Globe article, "GoGreen Davis Square"), and Darbi (Davis Area Resident Business Initiative). We are a proud member of the Somerville Chamber of Commerce and support many great causes including Groundworks Somerville, HONK, and the Somerville Homeless Coalition annual Road Race (1st Saturday of October).

We welcome your suggestions and input. There is always more to do yet overall we try to be a good citizen of the community and our planet with every decision we make. This has been our approach for over 25 years.

Johnny D’s, a locally owned family run establishment, is bringing you:

  • grass-fed steroid antibiotic free ground beef from farms in western MA
  • antibiotic and steroid free humanely raised chicken
  • cage-free humanely raised eggs
  • non-high fructose corn syrup ketchup
  • dairy from farms pledging rBHST free cows
  • 100% soybean oil frying oil and a dedicated vegetarian fryer

Also, we:

  • recycle our plastics, cardboard, and glass, and toner cartridges
  • only use 100% recycled paper for in house use
  • have installed many LED lights
  • have waterless urinals
  • put out our organic fair trade coffee grinds for gardeners during the growing months