Johnny D's Uptown Restaurant and Music Club, 17 Holland St., Somerville, MA, 617-776-2004 call after 3:30pm weekdays. Free wi-fi.  Local Somerville 1st!

Team Trivia

Stump Pub Trivia!

Every Monday

An evening of team trivia with the Stump! crew — come in and join us for fun and prizes!

How to Play

There are 5 major rules:

  • Do not shout out the answer.
  • Do not use any outside resources (books, computers, cell phones, etc).
  • Once you hand in an answer, you may NOT have it back.
  • One team per table of no more than 6 players. (You may play with 6–7 players, but you automatically forfeit the 1st place prize to the highest scoring team with 5 or less players. 8 players must be split into two teams of 4.)
  • Decisions of the Trivia Jockey are final.

Playing is easy!

You will be provided with a tip sheet, Stump! answer slips, pens and scrap paper. Play goes as follows:

  • Think of a team name, write this on ALL of your answer slips.
  • At the beginning of play, you will be told the categories for the first round. Record these on the Stump! tip sheet provided to you.
  • The first round questions will be asked. You have one song to hand in your answer. You must wager 1, 3, 5 or 7 points depending on how confident you feel about your answer. REMEMBER, you can only use each number value ONCE per quarter.
  • The quarter-end question is a 4 or 5 part question. Each part is worth it’s own points.
  • The 2nd quarter proceeds exactly as the first. Be sure to record the 2nd quarter categories on your Stump! tip sheet.
  • The Stump! half time question involves a series of clues, beginning with a 10 point value. If you submit the correct answer after the first clue, you earn 10 points; if you submit correctly after 2 clues you earn 8 points and so on. If you submit an incorrect answer, you lose 5 points.
  • The second half of play is the same as the first half, except that the point values are increased to 2, 4, 6 or 8 points. You can only use each value one time per quarter.
  • The final question is the most important. You wager between 2 and 20 points. If you get the answer right, you earn the points wagered. However, if you are wrong, you lose 1/2 of what you wagered.